Large Cat Squeeze Cage

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The LC8751S is designed to insure the safety of the animal and the handler while transporting or restraining the largest and strongest exotic cats.

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  • Guillotine doors at each end facilitate easy entry and exit of the animal.
  • A hand-crank operated gear-driven side squeeze panel insures positive control of the squeeze mechanism.
  • As an added safety feature, the squeeze-back may be operated from either end of the unit by use of the removable hand crank.
  • Individually removable bars on the end doors and the fixed side of the the cage facilitate easy access to the restrained animal.

Aluminum complete unit is mounted  on 5″ chrome plated casters, with brakes, grese fittings, and gray non-marking tires.        


Overall Dimensions:

Animal Space:

28 1/2″W x 87″L x 51″H

19 1/2″W x 84″L x 51″H



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